Argyrosomus regius


Seine nets are normally used for harvesting Meagre but sometimes special fish pumps are employed. Once caught the fish is immersed in an ice-water solution, as rapidly as possible. Meagre is also known to be farmed in some parts of the world. Meagre farming has begun in Malta.


Harvesting occurs throughout the year.


Meagre congregate inshore to spawn during spring and summer. Juveniles and sub-adults enter estuaries and coastal lagoons. Both adults and juveniles are migratory moving along shore or offshore-onshore in response to temperature change.

Our suggestion

The Meagre has been farmed in Europe since the late nineties. The activity started simultaneously in France and in Italy with the first commercial sized fish being traded in the late ‘90s. In Malta, farming operations have begun and will become more commonplace. For this reason, fish for tomorrow suggests you Eat in Moderation.