King Prawn

Gamblu Aħmar
Aristaeorpha foliacea


Locally, king prawns are caught using bottom-trawling.


King prawns are caught throughout the year however the peak season for prawn fishing is in the summer months.


Prawns are high in protein, low in calories and very high in cholesterol. Prawns have have three types of legs. Six fine and hairy filter legs (or Thoracopods) facilitate feeding, five swimming legs (or Pleopods) facilitate movement and one tail leg (or Telson) which is used as a paddle which allows it to escape in case of emergencies by flexing it suddenly and allow it to dart backwards.

Our suggestion

King prawns are over-exploited and scientists advics the reduction of their capture. The fishing methods used to capture prawns (trawling) are highly destructive and unselective. fish for tomorrow suggests you avoid king prawns.