Gilthead Seabream

Sparus aurata


This species is successfully farmed in the Mediterranean Sea. Wild species are caught with line gear, trammel nets, bottom trawls, and beach seines.

In aquaculture (farming) they are harvested in open sea pens, lagoons and land based farms. Most Gilthead Seabream consumed in Malta comes from local aquaculture operations.


When fished, it is generally caught between February and October however farmed species are available year round.


The golden stripe between its eyes gives the name ‘gilthead’. It has been said the Romans named it ‘Aurata’ meaning gilded one. Supposedly in Greek mythology the goddess Aphrodite considered the fish to be sacred.

Our suggestion

fish for tomorrow suggests that you Eat in Moderation as it is predominantly farmed. While aquaculture eases pressure on the wild stocks of Gilthead Seabream, it has other environmental implications.