Sepia officinalis


In industrial fisheries, trawlers are used to catch large quantities of cuttlefish. Artisanal fisheries on the other hand use highly selective methods such as spears, pots and traps.

In Malta, cuttlefish are mostly caught by trammel nets but are also sometimes caught by trawlers.


Most cuttlefish are caught in summer.


During copulation, males often engage in spectacular displays to attract a female, in which bands of colour pass rapidly along the body. After spawning, both the males and females die.

Our suggestion

FAO indicate a constant yield of approximately 15,000 tonnes of cuttlefish per annum, suggesting no decline in stocks.

That being said, cuttlefish is the focus of large scale commercial fisheries particularly in the Mediterranean Sea, and maybe close to its sustainable level due to being overexploited in some areas. Therefore, fish for tomorrow suggest you eat in moderation.