Common Pandora

Pagellus Erythrinus


In Malta it is caught using bottom long lines.


It is usually available during the summer months.


The snout of this fish is at least twice as long as the diameter of its eye.

This fish, like many others, is hermaphroditic. It is usually female in the first two years of its life and then changes to male in its third year. However, not every female changes to male.

Our suggestion

There is not much information on the status of the common pandora. The long lining method used to catch the fish is not without its implications. It poses a threat to sea birds while the hooks are close to the surface before sinking. Long lining can also be responsible for high catches of immature species and vulnerable species such as turtles, dolphins, and sharks.

Given the lack of data and the fishing method used, fish for tomorrow advises people to eat in moderation.