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In Malta it is generally caught using pots. It also sometimes caught using purse seine and gill nets.


Bogue reproduces between April and May in the Western Mediterranean and can be bought throughout most of the year.

It grows up to 36cm but its average size is at around 20cm. According to Maltese legislation, bogues under 9cm should not be caught.


The bogue’s scientific name as well as some of its common names are said to come from its large bug eye.

It is a very tasty fish and can be cooked in many ways. If not fresh or stored incorrectly, the fish’s gut flora tends to spread unpleasant flavours into the flesh.

Our suggestion

Although there is not much information about bogue, it has received a green rating from some other institutions. Since it is mainly caught using pots in Malta and is said to have medium resilience to heavy fishing pressures, fish for tomorrow recommends it.